Structure and Guidelines for Writing 1000 Words Essay

1000 Words Essay

To write a top-quality and custom essay the right way, you must know all about its structure and go through the guidelines that will help you do a better job on the assignment. It is important to remember how an essay should be organized and presented because without knowing how to do this, you will not be able to come up with a meaningful and comprehension essay that imparts the knowledge most effectively to the readers.

According to essay writing services UK, a 1000 word essay is referred to as a short form of writing but this does not mean it should not have a structure or an outline. In an ideal scenario, each paragraph of the essay should contain a single idea and be of similar length. It is best to make a list of theses for each idea that you want to include in the paper and it will help you work the right way without getting stuck as you do not want to make mistakes that land you in trouble.

Guidelines Regarding The Structure Of A 1000 Word Essay:

When it comes to writing a 1000 words essay, you should understand the guidelines and follow them so that you stick to the word count and do not waste time and effort in doing something that will not yield desired results. Discussed here are the main parts of the essay with the number of words each part should have:

  • Introduction – It should be 10% of the entire essay length must be around 100 to 150 words
  • Body Paragraphs – They should be about 70% of the total essay length; 3 paragraphs are enough to discuss the topic and each paragraph should have about 230 to 250 words.
  • Conclusion – It should be about 20% of the entire essay length, about 200 words, and bring the essay to a proper end, without leaving the reader wondering what happened

There are times when you might want to write the introduction in the end after you are done with the main body of the essay to know exactly how to give the most interesting start to the paper and keep the readers engaged with what you are trying to say. There is no harm in doing it as long as you follow the structure of the essay as recommended in the guidelines. Creating an outline works best for writing essays as it helps you to conduct research in the right direction and develop content that is meaningful and related to the research question.


The introduction can be best explained as the signpost that points out the readers to what is coming up in the next and what the reader will be going through in the upcoming paragraphs. It is usually 5 to 10% of the word count, 100 to 150 words long for a 1000 word essay. When working on the introduction, students must understand that they must avoid rewriting the question that has been posted in the title.

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The Main Body Of Your Essay:

The main body of the essay is the most important part where you have to develop the ideas, tell the readers about the research you have conducted, the methods that you have used for conducting research, and providing evidence. In an essay of about 1000 words, the structure of the essay is built through the paragraphs and two to three paragraphs will be enough to discuss these ideas and concepts.

It is necessary to understand that the main body of the essay must be dealt with very carefully and you should follow a pattern to ensure the points are easy to understand, are connected, and enable readers to grasp the information. Each paragraph contains one core idea or main point and these points should relate closely to the overall argument or theme of the assignment. It is necessary to support these core ideas or claims with the evidence that you have collected during the research.


The conclusion summarizes the findings that have been presented without introducing any new material. It should be about the same size as the introduction and sum up or restate the main topics or issues. It should mention what has been discovered, what you know now that you did not know before, and what answers have been obtained. You must understand and follow the structure and guidelines for writing an essay and make sure you develop a strong framework for the essay that helps you put together the ideas in the most effective manner to make the piece of writing most engaging and readable.